S. Astrid Bin is an interdisciplinary artist and designer. Past endeavors have included baiting and then unbaiting 100 mousetraps with her hands, making a picture of a pigeon from 538 pieces of toast, documenting an attempt at making a million dollars in a year, photographing over 4000 banana skins, locking herself in a disused bank vault for ten nights, making light into a drawing medium, sending hundreds of postcards to an empty building, shaving her head, and occupying a phone booth for 24 hours. She has received death threats, hate mail and international press.

Her work examines the poetry in everyday things and the connections between people and their environments, and blurs, skips over and stamps on the line between art and design practice. She works two dimensionally (works on paper, text pieces, photography, printed projects, interfaces), three dimensionally (installation, art in public spaces, and reactive objects), and four dimensionally (sound, video, performance and interactive works). As an art and design researcher, she applies an art-based approach to design problems spanning interfaces, public space, new uses for games, the role of fun in the things we use, and re-imagining the music listening experience.

She holds a PhD in Media and Arts Technology from Queen Mary University of London (find her thesis here) and is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Center for Music Technology and the Expressive Machinery Lab at Georgia Tech in Atlanta.